30 sports blogs you should be reading

Blog With Authenticity Without Getting FiredWhat sports blogs do I read?  Probably too many but when so much great material is being shared it can’t be helped.

Here is a list of 30 sports, sports business & sports marketing blogs I read regularly.

You should too, Sports Geek approved. ;)

Blog Title Latest Posts
Sportz Biz News
Peter Robert Casey
Digital Hoops Blast
Row Show
Harry’s World
Partnership Activation
Power Sponsorship
Sports Business Digest
Sportzfan Radio
The Biz of Baseball
UK Sports Network
Blog Maverick
Take a Peck
Ash Read
Ozzie Sport
Sports and a Latte
Sports Law
Sports Networker
The Business of Sports
Buzz Manager
Game Plans
Sponsor Crunch
Sponsorship Insights
The Sports Economist
Joe Favorito
Sports in 140
Dead Spin

Any more I should add to this list?
Would love to hear about your faves, hit me up with a comment.
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Sports Social Media Index – NRL

Back in March we took a look at the AFL teams using the Sports Social Media Index (SSMI) developed by Sports Geek, now we take a look at the NRL.

Wests, Broncos, Rabbitohs lead the way

The Wests Tigers head the NRL SSMI leaderboard with good use of Facebook events to stay connected with fans.  Brisbane Broncos are close behind taking advantage of the Facebook photo galleries to run promotions with fans sharing great snaps at the game. The South Sydney Rabbitohs scored well with a well branded Twitter account that is interacting with fans definitely “joining the conversation.”

Link #fail

Unfortunately it is very hard to determine “official” accounts from fan-run or imposter accounts.  The main culprit is the “Connect with the NRL” page on NRL.com which links to several unofficial accounts on Facebook & Twitter.  To make matters worse some of the club sites link to the incorrect accounts as well.  Some of the clubs with bad links include Melbourne Storm, Newcastle Knights, North Queensland Cowboys, NZ Warriors, Parramatta Eels, Penrith Panthers & Sydney Roosters.

Good moves

Some teams are trying a few initiatives that should be applauded to create a community for fans with Penrith going “old-school” social media providing a fan forum with Panthers Interactive.  The NZ Warriors have teamed up with their major sponsor in Vodafone to deliver Vodafone One Tribe (which has now finished).  These sites do well to foster community amongst fans and would be improved if integrated with Facebook Open Graph to allow fans to share via Facebook.

NRL Clubs on Twitter and Facebook

Brisbane Broncos Broncos on facebook
Canterbury Bulldogs Bulldogs on facebook
North Queensland Cowboys NQ Cowboys on facebook
Cronulla Sharks @SharksOnline Sharks on facebook
Melbourne Storm Storm on facebook
Gold Coast Titans GC Titans on facebook
Manly Sea Eagles Sea Eagles on facebook
Penrith Panthers Not on Twitter Not on Facebook
Wests Tigers Tigers on facebook
South Sydney Rabbitohs Rabbitohs on facebook
New Zealand Warriors Not on facebook
Parramatta Eels Not on Twitter Not on facebook
St George/Illawarra Dragons Not on Twitter Dragons on facebook
Sydney Roosters Roosters on facebook
Canberra Raiders Raiders Friend Profile
Newcastle Knights Not on Twitter Knights on facebook

NRL SSMI findings – Club by Club

About SSMI

Sports Geek has developed the Sports Social Media Index (SSMI) to rate the performance of sports franchise using social media. The SSMI cover the key platforms of sports social media, how each platform is used and how they engage their fan base.

SSMI rates teams on execution on social media platforms, are they using best practices exhibited by teams leading the way in digital sport marketing like the Dallas Mavericks, LA Kings & New York Knicks.

If you want more information on SSMI please contact Sean on 0407047200.

NBA Finals, #worldcup, Tiger Woods & NASCAR #bodsw

Best of Digital Sports World #9

While World Cup teams have banned players from using social media, others are using it as a launch platform for endorsement exposure.  In Cristiano Ronaldo‘s case exposure is exactly the right word with his Armani photo getting 32k likes and 11,780 comments.

Twitter reports the massive spikes in traffic from the #worldcup but it was the Lakers’ win in the NBA Finals that broke records.

NBA Championship between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. The Lakers’ victory generated a record 3,085 TPS as the game ended.

Darren Rovell reports IMG lost $4.6M in income due to Tiger Woods’ issues.

Big brands are following the lead of sports teams befriending Facebook.

Great tips from @ChrisBrogan on using Twitter.

@BrianGainor releases another Partnership Activation newsletter if you don’t subscribe to it I suggest you do.

Fox Sports take a peek behind the scenes of the NBA use of social media, it’s a slam dunk.

Good advice from @TrevorYoungI Urge You to Ignore Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare et al

Amazing game at Wimbledon

Can’t got past without mentioning the amazing 5 set match between Isner & Mahut that took 3 days to complete and ended with a 70-68 Isnet win in the 5th.

But here is the tweet of the tournament so far from Andy Roddick.

met the queen of england today …. she said she loved me in the american pie moviesThu Jun 24 16:06:49 via web

Best On Ground

Toyota Racing have done well offering NASCAR fans the ability to create their very own NASCAR, great sport-sponsor digital promotion with Sponsafier 2.

Video Clip of the Week

NBA using Vimeo to as part of broadcast package of the NBA Finals…

Book your ticket for SRG Conferences
Got your ticket yet? HUGE lineup with speakers from Real Madrid, NBA (Trailblazers & Timberwolves) & Tottenham…
Engaging Fans & Participants in the Digital Age Sydney – Star City – July 13 & 14

Twitter & Facebook World Cup, Crazy Sports Fans & NCAA marketing

Best of Digital Sports World #8

Sports on Facebook is tracking the Facebook activities of World Cup fans by passion, popularity, intensity, region & group.

World Cup getting strong TV ratings in the US after the draw with England.  Even 2M+ Australians got up at 4:30am to watch the Socceroos fail against the Germans.

From the world of NBA USA Today talks to Jeanie Buss about Twitter, Phil Jackson and working in the NBA.

32 Creative and Clever Sports Posters to Inspire You

@Mashable took us Inside Gatorade’s Social Media Command Center

Andy Pawlowski (@pawlow34) uses his learning from the Digital Disciple series with Facebook: 5 Things NCAA Programs could steal from the NBA

A look at the roles involved in social media in college athletics from @ZachLassiter, what do you think of the Protector, the Entertainer, and the Interactor?

Dwight Howard building his endorsement base via his Superman persona from @sports_business

@Harry_O is running another competition via Twitter engaging with his fans looking for a “fresh” photo.

If you didn’t catch it, here is our look at the Andrew Johns saga and how the Australian Twitter community responded, a must read fro any athlete manager.

Welcome to Twitter – AFL Insider

Good to see the @AFL mix it up engaging with fans via different Twitter accounts. Waiting for @NRLHQ to tweet…

We’re launching a fan fixture forum called My AFL Season on afl.com.au tomorrow. Join the conversation on the hashtag: #AFLfixtureThu Jun 17 08:50:44 via TweetDeck

Best On Ground

Twitter is doing it’s best to bring World Cup fans together with it World Cup 2010 page.  You can track tweets from games providing a twitter commentary when you mute the TV for vuvuzela relief.

Video Clip of the Week

Kobe Bryant fan needs to be seen to be believed…

Book your ticket for SRG Conferences
Got your ticket yet? HUGE lineup with speakers from Real Madrid, NBA (Trailblazers & Timberwolves) & Tottenham…
Engaging Fans & Participants in the Digital Age Sydney – Star City – July 13 & 14

Andrew Johns from hero to zero (again)

Unfortunately, the ugly face of racism took all the attention away from the NRL State of Origin preparation.

The revelations followed Andrew Johns’s description of Inglis as a ”black c—” in an address to NSW centre Beau Scott ahead of tonight’s Origin II clash at Suncorp Stadium – a rant that prompted Timana Tahu to walk out on the the Blues training camp in protest. Sydney Morning Herald

You can still see the monitor of Johns’ comments towards Storm star Greg Inglis in real time now by social media monitoring tools like socialmention.com or even Twitter Search. But these tools don’t allow you to look back an analyze the impact around the event itself.

Aussie start up Tribalytic fixes that problem allowing you to research twitter reactions and responses from Australian Twitter users after the event with much more scope and flexibility.

Let’s look at how tweeps viewed Andrew Johns from April 10 – June 10 2010.

More importantly look at what words were associated with Johns over that period.  Standard sports related words around Johns’ role as State of Origin assistant coach and media performer.

However after the racism speech news broke you can see the Twitter world reacted in the same way as Timana Tahu.  Notice the spike in traffic?

Again the keywords associated with the Andrew Johns search was more damning.

Need anymore reasons to understand why social media can be a big impact on your sport or athlete’s brand?

Want to a look at the Andrew Johns report from Tribalytic?  Analyse the data yourself…

[contact-form 5 "Contact Tribalytic Report"]

@SportzfanRadio recap – Show 158

In case you missed Sunday’s episode of @SportzfanRadio I suggest you listen to the podcast.  Topics covered included World Cup, NBA Finals, Horse Racing, NRL & AFL as well as the VUVUZELA

Sportzfan Radio Show 158 Part 1 & Sportzfan Radio 158 Part 2

Tell us your weird/strange sporting superstitions. #superstitionsinsport for next week’s show…

Tune in from 12 next Sunday for Sportzfan Radio

World Cup, Blackhawks, NHL Beards & Fev #bodsw

Best of Digital Sports World – Ronaldo Edition 7

Apologies to Justin Bieber but for the next 31 days you won’t be the number 1 topic on the Internet.  That position will be held by the FIFA World Cup. (Bucket List: Mention Justin Bieber in a blog post. Completed)

Here is @Mashable‘s guide to following the World Cup on Twitter.  The easiest way is to use #worldcup hashtag and follow soccer tweeps to chat about games as they happen.

Best digital representation of the World Cup schedule (pictured), click around & bookmark it!

Great work from the guys @Activ8Social with the Rajon Rondo’s #LooseBall Scavenger Hunt combining Foursquare, Twitter & Facebook the social media triple-play.

An interesting opposing view on the NBA Finals “Don’t watch the NBA Finals!”

Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks on winning the Stanley Cup.  Great exposure for sponsor Van Kampen Investments on the Blackhawks website, simple but very effective!

Great research from @TimBull from Tribalytic on the AFL’s hashtag strategy, I’ve been discussing this one with Tim for a while, great to see some data to back it up.  Shows the power leagues like the @AFL have in shaping the conversation on Twitter!

Welcome to Twitter – Brendan Fevola

Love seeing new athletes join Twitter, didn’t think I’d see this guy anytime soon….

Can’t believe how quick you are all jumping on board. Will try get some of the other boys on too. ThanksWed Jun 09 08:01:05 via Twitterrific

Please Fev be careful with the Twitpics ;)

Best On Ground

Great promotion by @NHL over the playoffs with Beard-a-thon, great connection with a sponsor King of Shaves as well as connecting with hockey fans to raise money!  WIN-WIN-WIN

YouTube Clip of the Week

Continuing the World Cup theme…

Dennis Hopper, Amare, Celtics & Foursquare #BODSW

Inventive way to see where NBA stars landEdition 6 of #BODSW

NBA is stepping things up with the NBA Finals starting today.

  • Getting creative setting up a Twitter account for the matchup @CELTICSvLAKERS
  • Setting up a The Finals app on their Facebook page to play highlights from the NBA Finals Archive.
  • Shout Go Lakers or Go Celtics in Foursquare to get a Lakers or Celtics badge.
  • Providing a Twitter Mashup at NBA.com/Twitter

ESPN having a little fun with the upcoming NBA Free Agent market with the Free Agent Slot Machine.

Sports technology expanding it’s reach with the NFL’s replay technology being adopted by the military help monitor battlefields in Afghanistan. (Link no longer valid, thanks Yahoo)

Are you ready for the World Cup? Is your iPhone?  The New York Times review World Cup apps that will help you track all the news.

Want to be a sponsor of a successful team? Get on board early don’t expect to jump on the bandwagon just when the good times start.  Just ask the NHL’s Philly Flyers their playoff run has them with happy sponsors and a waiting list!

Super Swarms are the next big thing in Foursquare with a 332 people checking in at a Conan O’Brien show.  Look for Foursquare to keep things interesting by setting bigger targets.

In case you missed it, here are 5 mistakes you need to avoid on Twitter.

Congrats to  Collingwood’s Steele Sidebottom winning the Name of the Year competition.

Worst On Ground

It was great to see Amare Stoudamire win Best on Ground in last week’s edition but this week he (or his team) made the mistake of the automated blog post.  Adding a note to his fans that was obviously written before Game 5 but it was posted after the Western Conference Finals had finished.  (Phoenix lost)

Perhaps Amare needs some Sports Geek help? Try Social Media Athlete Training.

Best On Ground

This week’s Best On Ground goes to Kathleen Hessert for this tweet, are you ready for this game changer?

Video(on-demand & Internet) will be 91% of global consumer online traffic by ’14 says Cisco. Get ready sports properties & media companiesWed Jun 02 13:34:31 via web

YouTube Clip of the Week

Remembering Dennis Hopper in Hoosiers… RIP

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5 Twitter mistakes to avoid

As more and more people, brands, sports teams & leagues hop aboard the Twitter train I continue to see the same mistakes being made.

5. The Not Reply – @TwitterHandle will be making an BIG announcement!

This became an issue when Twitter changed the manner by which we see people’s replies (or @) on Twitter.  Now you only see a reply if you follow both Twitter accounts.

Therefore the tweet below from @GoldCoastFC would have been only seen by followers of @GoldCoastFC AND @KarmichaelHunt. Understandable there may be a big overlap between the two but why take the chance?  Adding “Welcome” at the start of the tweet would have ensured ALL @GoldCoastFC followers would have seen the tweet.  It should be noted further tweets and RTs did mention @KarmichaelHunt so GCFC fans definitely knew about it.

@karmichaelhunt first official GCFC media appearance! More pics and video to come soon. http://twitpic.com/1smx6vMon May 31 02:06:33 via Twitpic

4. Twooshes or long tweets

Call me old-fashioned but I like the “old” RT method, that’s right something from 12 months ago is now old!  The “old” (or “Edit then Retweet” in TweetDeck) method allows you to add your comments before the RT.

If all your tweets are twooshes or too close to 140 characters you maybe losing RTs from people who want to pass it on with their short comment attached.  Keep it short and allow people to ADD to the conversation like below.

Wow… Smart strategy! RT @Peter_R_Casey @Brendanmeyer: i love how @gatorade bought keyword Powerade on google (via @SportConference)Mon May 31 13:06:25 via Twitterrific

Sports Geek Tip: Check out TweetStats.com to see how many twooshes you have. (I’ve had 175, as sometimes the opposite is true and you don’t want that comment ;) )

3. Lck vwls 4 140 chrs

If you can’t fit it into 140 characters without using vowels or butchering the English language then it shouldn’t be a Tweet!  Write a blog post!

Twitter teaches you to be direct & succinct, it can be said in 140 characters if you just think a little.

Don’t even get me started about TwitLonger.com, laziness!

2. Auto Direct Messages

Unfortunately, this seems to be a staple of internet marketers but more and more I am seeing others be sucked into using the Auto DM.

Firstly, it is completely impersonal and secondly it’s rude when they don’t follow back and you can’t reply!  I know a LOT of people who immediately unfollow any account that sends an Auto DM.  You’ve been warned!

Sports Geek Tip: By the way if you want to stop most of them you can follow these instructions to opt out  from SocialOomph who send most of them!

1. Broadcasting not conversing

This is the main issue with most brands, leagues or teams on Twitter is the lack of conversation.  They promote the “Join the Conversation” tag line of Twitter but do not LIVE it.

You do need a strategy in place to understand why you are on Twitter and how you want to interact with fans but you should be polite to reply to simple customer service questions.

Look at the simple chart the US Airforce uses to manage blog comments which could easily adapted to Twitter replies. (hat tip to @georgiawatson)

Sports Geek Tip: Don’t have a strategy in place? You should start with a Sports Geek Workshop.

What Twitter mistakes have you learned from?