Top 5 Coaches (in movies)

With the passing of legendary actor Dennis Hopper over the weekend it reminded me of one of most cherished sports movie Hoosiers.   Dennis Hopper played an alcoholic father recruited by Norman Dale (Gene Hackman) as an assistant basketball coach for the small hoops crazy town of Hickory Indiana.  If you’ve played basketball or watched the movie you’ll remember the “Picket Fences” play.

Got me looking back at my sports movie collection, here’s my top 5 (movie) coaches…

5 Patches O’Houlihan – Dodgeball – Rip Torn

Not the classic sports movie but hilarious portrayal of dodgeball “supercoach” by Rip Torn.

Best Line – “If you’re going to become true dodgeballers, then you’ve got to learn the five d’s of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!”

4. Mickey Goldmill – Rocky – Burgess Meredith

Mickey was great as the old trainer lifting up Rocky with his own special mix of tough love.

Best Line – “You’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder!”

3 Herman Boone – Remember the Titans – Denzel Washington

Boone brings together two schools & two races to become one football team, what all good sports movies do.

Best Line - “This is no democracy. It is a dictatorship. I am the law.”

2. Tony D’Amato – Any Given Sunday – Al Pacino

If this list was ranked on pre-game speeches then Tony D’Armato would win hands down as his speech to the Miami Sharks has you ready to run through a brick wall.

Best Line - “We’re in hell right now gentlemen. Believe me. And we can stay here, get the shit kicked out of us, or we can fight our way back into the light. We can climb outta hell… one inch at a time.”

1. Norman Dale – Hoosiers – Gene Hackman

Great basketball movie, Gene Hackman wins over the town of Hickory as well as team with the help of Shooter.

Best Line – “My practices are not designed for your enjoyment!”

What are your picks for best sports movie coaches?

#WriteTheFuture, Foursquare Search, Amare & Steele

New form of Athlete endorsement?

Edition 5 of #BODSW, welcome to SportsGeek V2.0, what do you think?

Socceroos left for South Africa this week but it was a their Facebook page getting praise gaining 30K+ fans via #WriteTheFuture campaign. (Hat tip to @bryonycole)

Digital and social media pose biggest challenge, admits FC Barcelona CMO “We want to be pioneers in football.  This is our core business.  But we have to look what other elements interests our fans and our members.  And we realise that social networking and digital media, it is important, and we are on that.” (hat tip to @shane_harmon)

It’s always about the balls, Adidas promises more scoring and frustrated goalies at the FIFA World Cup (Thx to @khuda1)

Social Media in Small Business is Anything But Small great advice from @BrianSolis just as relevant for sports team as small business.

A nice study on time spent on social media marketing.  How much time do you spend promoting your sport or team via social media?  It is very easy to fall into “social notworking” mode, that’s why you need a strategy, start with a Sports Geek workshop!

Looking for new ways to look at Foursquare? Try 4sqSearch (via @AdamVincenzini)  While we are talking search you can now search Facebook with logging in at Open Facebook Search

Australian sports fans continue to show support for Collingwood’s Steele Sidebottom in the Name of the Year competition last week he beat Charity Beaver, this week it’s the finals against Banana Yaya. Vote now for Steele.

Best On Ground

This week’s Best On Ground goes to Phoenix Suns star Amare Stoudamire not only for his play against the LA Lakers in the NBA’s Western Conference Finals but for leveraging his Facebook fan page to sell playoff tickets to his fans.

From Darren Rovell at Athlete Social Media Value Could Be Realized Through Retail – CNBC

Through a partnership with RazorGator and a technology platform called, Stoudemire is currently selling playoff tickets on his own Facebook page.

YouTube Clip of the Week

Here are some funny sports commercials to liven up your Friday, enjoy!

Got your ticket yet? HUGE lineup with speakers from Real Madrid, NBA & Tottenham…

Engaging Fans & Participants in the Digital Age Sydney – Star City – July 13 & 14
Sport is Fantastic 2010 Auckland – Eden Park – July 19 & 20

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Nike, ESPN, Aker & World Cup

New site design ready for launch soon? Do you like?

Edition 4 of #BODSW, wow 4 straight weeks thanks Jerry Seinfeld – “Don’t break the chain”.

Nike goes Viral in April – how Nike is taking a different approach in social media using their vast stable of athletes to promote the Nike brand via YouTube. Hat tip to @activ8social

How engaged are Australia Twitter users? – Great stats on Twitter users and how they are using Twitter from the team at @Tribalytic, keep an eye on these guys.

London 2012 announce new mascots – Wenlock & Mandeville – two one-eyed steel creatures, borne out of the steel used for the Olympic Stadium in east London – hardly cuddly.

Are Facebook Like Buttons Wrong or Right For Your Site? – A recap of the how & why Facebook buttons may or may not work with your site, good read from @problogger.

Pat Coyle aka @sports20 has a nice mashup presenting a Twitter following/Facebook fan ladder across all US sports updated every 12 hours, now numbers are not everything in social media but sports is competitive so people love ladders.

ESPN working on a Foursquare style app – Will it work? ESPN Passport hasn’t caught on yet have they missed the geo-location boat?

From the “Hey, that’s cool pile” you can now read the news from your tweeps using – Feel free to read what my followers are reading –

Worst On Ground

After awarding a Worst on Ground instead of BOG to Phil Mickelson I’ve decided to create this as a permanent feature as you cannot go past Western Bulldogs footballer Jason Akermanis. Aker caused a major stir with his article “Stay in the closet, Jason Akermanis tells homosexuals” he then followed up on radio & TV interviews. The backlash was evident in social media with Facebook groups & fan pages springing up to deride Aker’s views. On Twitter we saw #akermanis trend and the story was picked up globally by the likes of Deadspin. It was a good lesson in understanding how the social platforms can work against you as much as for you, I’m sure the AFLPA (@AFLPAToday) now have a better understanding of this after they prompted the article from Akermanis.

Best On Ground

Great article from Marketing Week “Where dreams of global goals are made…” looking at strategies that brands will take to best leverage their partnership with the FIFA World Cup. Coke, Visa, Castrol & Tesco all featured.

YouTube Clip of the Week

Here is what happens when you introduce AFL footballers to impro, you end up flapping your arms on national TV. ;)

Thanks to @Harry_O & @ImproMelbourne.

Check out Impro Melbourne for shows & workshops. Impro Cave season starts soon check it out!

Got your ticket yet? HUGE lineup with speakers from Real Madrid, NBA & Tottenham…

Engaging Fans & Participants in the Digital Age Sydney – Star City – July 13 & 14
Sport is Fantastic 2010 Auckland – Eden Park – July 19 & 20

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What did I miss? Drop a comment with your suggestions for next week’s #BODSW

New Sports Geek Anthem

Today, I went to an Austrade seminar on “Capitalising on US new media and entertainment opportunities”. Great presentations on how the US market is recovering from the GFC and how Aussie tech & entertainment companies can enter & thrive in the US market. Ryan Stoner from Hooray & Patrick Barrett from E-Diary gave terrific insight in the US market and how it operates.

I did like this clip that Patrick shared at the end of his presentation, it’s definitely now the Sports Geek anthem.

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Dwayne Wade, Google with IPL & Phil

Edition 3 of #BODSW, around the web…

We Want Wade – great digital campaign by Miami Heat to get fans behind Dwyane Wade to stay in Miami when the NBA’s big free agency scramble begins. Absolutely love the Do’s & Don’t’s for fans.  Expect social media to be big in NBA free agency.

Need more evidence that Google will be a big player in the sports market in the next 5 years? NYTimes reports on how Google scored runs with the IPL & YouTube.

Fox Sports Chairman Davis Hill disagrees saying online streaming of sports may affect TV revenues.  Sorry David, don’t agree with this one as online & mobile streaming offer a great opportunity to reach the fan on the move.

Twitter to open Business Center - Nice move by Twitter to allow business automatically get verified.

Twirdie fun little Twitter game guessing Twitter trends to play golf.

Will LeBron stay in Cleveland?  This will be the biggest story in the NBA this off-season.  Perhaps this jersey will fit?

Social Media & Charities, Facebook Changes & Real Madrid

Edition 2 of #BODSW, lets get cracking…

Harry O’Brien’s open letter to Barack Obama – great example from AFL footballer @Harry_O on how an athlete can use blogging & social media to achieve goals outside sport.  Here’s the Herald Sun’s take on Harry’s request.

NBA using social media to support charities – another way sports can engage fans using social media.

What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Recent Announcements – great recap from @GoSam on how you can use the latest Facebook changes for your web properties

Gold Coast – Do you like me? – @GoldCoastFC quick to jump in on the Facebook changes to stir up new fan support for the AFL’s newest team.

Sport selling its soul to big market players – The Times [UK] looks at the money behind sport

How Social Media Is Changing Golf – report from the #140conf held in NYC on impact of social media on the Golf from @jasonpeck

Why you shouldn’t blame YouTube for removing all of those Hitler videos – interesting article on trying to solve the copyright problem that faces sporting leagues & digital rights holders as well as TV & movie studios.

Goodbye Texas Stadium. KABOOM!

Texas Stadium has been replaced by Cowboys Stadium which is a phenomenal venue.  It’s always sad to see old sports venues be replaced as we lose a piece of sports history in the process.  Locals told me when I was in Dallas on #sportsgeektrip that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was trying to sell the implosion of Texas Stadium to Hollywood to be used in a major action film to help offset the costs of demolishing the venue.  He didn’t get any takers but we are lucky enough to see it captured in film in 3D no less. (Hat tip to @gizmodo & @aussiegoldy)

AAMI Park signage misses mark

As I walked past construction workers putting the finishing touches on the “Bubble Dome” to be known as AAMI Park, I couldn’t help thinking the naming rights signage was a missed opportunity.  AAMI recently won the naming rights for Melbourne’s newest sporting stadium but they must be disappointed on two points.  Obviously the current problems at the Melbourne Storm would have given AAMI executives reason to pause with the Storm being one of 4 major tenants with A-Leagues Melbourne Victory, Melbourne Heart and new Super 15 team Melbourne Rebels.

The naming rights was a terrific opportunity as AAMI could be displayed to the sporting public on one side of the venue in full view of tennis & football fans.  On the other side Melbourne’s commuters would not be able to ignore the signage as they entered the Burnley Tunnel every morning.  Unfortunately, the stadium’s unique bubble structure would not support the weight of a naming rights sign.  Interesting to note, that this is what it was supposed to look like via @austadiums.

One of the Signage posts outside AAMI Park