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Pick My Brain sessions


In this 2-hour Zoom session Sean Callanan will work with your digital team to review plans and campaigns to inform, engage and entice your fans back to your stadiums and across your digital platforms.

Here are some of the topics we could tackle in your Pick My Brain session:
Sponsorship - How can you work with sponsorship to deliver value without pissing off fans?
Content - What changes should you make to your content plan with no games or in lead up to return?
Campaigns - How to develop campaigns that support growth and revenue for your team?
Social Media - Review and assess social media platform for reach, engagement and outcomes.
Integration with Digital & Sponsorship - How to deliver results for across multiple departments.

Sean will bring his knowledge of current trends from sports around the world to give your team the insights and direction they need to bounce back to make 2021 a successful year and find a way to engage fans at home and eventually entice them back to your stadium!

What you get

  • 2 hours with Sean Callanan - Ask Sean Anything  
  • You Set The Agenda - Dive in our your biggest issues
  • Zoom Video conference - one-on-one or group
  • Action oriented - Focussed on insights you can action now
  • Video Recording - Watch back full replay

Why Book?

  • Steal With Pride - learn from the world's best  
  • Staff Development - help them deliver on key KPIs 
  • Fresh Voice - Tackle big problems with fresh point of view
  • Optimise - Lift results on current campaign
  • Education - Mentor your staff learn as a group or one on oneone

Book your 2 hour session for $700 (ex GST)


Meet Sean

Sean Callanan understands the technological evolution of the digital landscape as founder of Sports Geek. He has worked with international brands, is a highly sought after public speaker and the go to resource for under-optimised digital teams.

Sean has been a pioneer in the sports digital industry and hosts the Sports Geek podcast with guests and listeners around the sports business world.

You can hear him on his weekly podcast, Sports Geek, the top ranking sports digital podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Play and follow him on Twitter @seancallanan and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Sean Callanan - Founder of Sports Geek
Sports Geek

About Sports Geek

Sports Geek stays at the forefront of sports digital and technology trends to keep clients and the sports industry informed of how to better serve fans to extend the match day experience to the digital world. 

Sports Geek offers you expertise in sports digital marketing to allow you to focus on your core business.  

Our focus is on delivery of fan engagement outcomes driven by the fans and sponsors of sports.  

Sports Geek works with clients around the world on digital initiatives strategy and training.


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