Thanks to Vincent Ircandia Founder and CEO of StellarAlgo for opening the Sports Geek Nation AMA 2019 and for doing an awesome job in answering all the questions.

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Here's the highlight question from the Sports Geek Nation AMA with  Vincent Ircandia.

About Vincent Ircandia

Vincent Ircandia is the Founder and CEO of StellarAlgo, a company focused on fan data analytics through the usage of machine learning technology and their SaaS customer data platform. The Company is based in Canada and works with some of North America's largest sports and entertainment brands.

Vince has wide experience in the sports industry having worked as the Senior Vice President of Business Operations for Portland Trail Blazers focusing on organizational strategy, revenue strategy, ticket operations, CRM/consumer insights, business opportunity analysis, innovation and technology, and marketing automation. Prior to his stint at the Trail Blazers, Vince was the Director of Business Operations and Analytics for AEG Sports where he provided analytic support to AEG's North American and European sports properties including the LA Kings and LA Galaxy.

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Q&A Highlight

Lenny Goh question for Vince Ircandia

Vincent Ircandia:

Hi @lennygoh thanks for sending this. Personalization is so important in this day and age. I also love your reference to understanding that customer’s journey.

Using data science alongside your digital and sales efforts can really help to understand how touchpoint types, frequency and quality will help to convert more fans. But you also have to listen to the fan along the way.

What are that fans propensities and digital expressions of interest for upcoming games, offers and products.

Ultimately it comes down to testing and learning around journeys and fan segments. Sounds complicated but it really doesn’t have to be. Those hand raise moments for an inside sales team, for example, are usually pretty evident.

So important to take action at relevant moments. If you are manually pulling this data together intermittently and taking action late you are missing opportunity.

More Sports Geek Nation AMA Questions you missed

  • What is your background in sports?
  • How did StellarAlgo started?
  • What do you see that is lacking from a team side currently in the digital aspect?
  • What do you see as the next big thing for a team to spend resources in that help drive revenue?
  • Is there anything unique you’ve seen in the data about one type of sport in terms of fan behaviour and their habits to spend or engage vs. all sports in general?
  • Do you help teams source the data for analysis?
  • Do you work with teams that have OTT-platforms?
  • Can you see if there is any correlation between ticket buyers and the ones consuming the content on the digital platforms demographically or even psychographically?
  • How do you approach the opposite of sports teams having too much data and you help distill what they should focus on?

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