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About Liam Murphy

Liam Murphy knows much about numbers and rhythms. He started a career in financing planning in various industries such as Westpac that eventually led him to sports coaching and is now the Chief Executive Officer of Calisthenics Victoria.

Calisthenics is a sport in Australia that combines gymnastics, dance and theatre with performing at its heart.

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Q&A Highlight

Tod Caflisch Question

Liam Murphy:

Three key areas we’re working on include:

Firstly, one of our objectives is making sure our data is accurate and is segmented correctly to ensure we have a really good picture of our business at anyone time. We’ve previously had a very old crm and historically hadn’t captured a lot of information on our community. This will help deliver on most of the key goals going forward.

We are keen to grow the sports participation rate. Currently we have a limited “product” offering being traditional calisthenics, one thing we will be delivering is multiple recreational products to get more people doing Calisthenics in a way that is less onerous on peoples recreational time and we see this as an opportunity to use technology to bring the sport to a wider community. We will be using our crm to accurately track our offerings once they are developed to see if we are growing the participation rate of the sport.

As we have a 99% female supporter base with an average age of 16 we’re keen to positively impact on their development as they go through the sport. As a result we will be developing a health and wellness digital program via an app and through our current social following to ensure our impressionable community are supported.

Finally, we require strong corporate partnerships to build the above mentioned programs to take our sport centre stage. Our goal is to reduce our reliance on government funding allowing us to develop sustainable product offerings. A big program for us will be to clearly identify opportunities for partnerships and to explore ways in which technologies can assist.

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  • Can you give us a rundown on some of the tech/platforms you are using?
  • How do you think you can make the sport more sustainable from a financial point of view?
  • Do you believe that the corporate and financial relationships you are looking towards as mentioned will be a crucial piece of the puzzle?
  • How are you promoting participation to kids especially girls with so many options available these days?

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