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About Liam Bednarski

Liam's passion for sports and technology has led him to a variety of experiences in sports journalism, sports marketing, sports event management and coaching soccer. He is currently the Digital and Database Coordinator for Basketball Australia where he leads the digital basketball scoring project and digital customer support services. He is also in charge of the organisation's data management and content.

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Q&A Highlight

Joshua Duboff Question for Liam Bednarski

Liam Bednarski:

@joshuaduboff We have established a global academy in conjunction with the NBA, USA Basketball is playing two games at Marvel Stadium in August of 2019 against The Boomers.

I'm sure there is much more in the pipeline, Larry Kestelman is doing a great job with the NBL as well.

In terms of my role, we are continuing to work on ensuring our data is well structured to enable our marketing team to capitalise on the visit of Basketball USA in 2019.

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  • How are you integrating the basketball culture from street/pickup style/lifestyle into the professional space or grassroots participation outside of the indoor court format of the sport?
  • How does Basketball Australia foster the front office nous that will lead into the future?

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