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About Johannes Wohlert

Johannes Wohlert is a Sports Geek podcast alum and Marketing Manager of Swedish Basketball Federation.

Johannes’ experience in sports business ranges from working with top league clubs, PR, marketing, youth development, contract negotiations and event planning. At present, he is the one in charge of the marketing strategies for Swedish Basketball Federation.

Swedish Basketball Federation also called Svenska Basketbollförbundet or SBBF is the one responsible for the development and promotion of basketball in Sweden.

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#185 Johannes Wohlert on the passion for Swedish basketball

Q&A Highlight

Liam Bednarski question for Johannes Wohlert

Johannes Wohlert:

Historically there's been a fair amount of marketing through guilt…”you should support” the national team. I think a lot of clubs use this rhetoric to get youth teams to come to the games too. I know some clubs forbid practice for youth teams game day so that they won't have that as an “excuse”. When I say emotional connection I mean that we are never seeing it as an obligation for youth players, coaches or whomever to attend the game. We try to push the buttons that make them want to come to the game really focusing on the atmosphere and the experience more than stars. If we had NBA-players on our roster I'm sure we would focus a lot more on that but still not too much.

We've identified team parents and coaches as the most important people to drive these group sales. That's why we've focused on Facebook as a channel, that's where they are. If you check Basketlandslagen on Facebook you'll find some examples. Obviously we're on IG too but we're not on Snapchat. We're too small an organisation to deliver on all channels.

On game day we really try to connect with the youth players and make their experience great, if they're having fun the youth coach/team parents is a hero for bringing then there. Our national teams stay on the court for 1-2 hours after the game to sign autographs and take selfies until the last kid in the gym has gotten one. We bring up food and drinks of course and give out candy to the kids waiting in line. Our players are marvelous at this and I'm very grateful for that.

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