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About Andrew Wray

Andrew Wray is the Founder and Special Content Lead of Snowball Esports.

Andrew started his career in the sports industry as an intern at the Adelaide Football Club where he worked with the commercial projects team assisting with drafting business plans and developing project ideas and concepts.

After Andrew’s stint at the Crows and finishing Uni, he joined Riot Games which started his journey into the esports industry. As the Esports Player Manager, he worked around the bits and pieces around esports from building good relationships with stakeholders, team staff and players to liaising and developing internal systems to track and display the current team rosters.

In 2018, Andrew founded Snowball Esports an Australian-based hub for Oceanic esports currently covering the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League, Overwatch Contenders Australia and Oceanic CS:GO.

Connect with Andrew Wray on Twitter @AWray7, LinkedIn and Slack @awray

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Q&A Highlight

Chris Derrick question for Andrew Wray

Andrew Wray:

The criteria is sort of along these lines

  1. Is it oceanic specific
  2. Is the title/league big enough to warrant our time and effort
  3. Resourcing

Being in the esports ecosystem you tend to have a very reliable gut feel on what's hot right now and that will reflect in our metrics.

The issue is almost always then down to resourcing and subject matter experts. We expanded into overwatch before CSGO and a big factor was due to the timing of two grand scale events in Melbourne and one of our existing writers having already developed a knowledge and network in the esport itself.

What's genuine vs hype is almost always around viewership numbers and how many conversations are you seeing around it.

If you're looking for longevity and what will be more than a flash in the pan, I'd look for a sign of “is this too big to disappear overnight”

Goes without saying if fortnite released a regional league we'll almost certainly cover it

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