Your fans show passion in the stands, help them show it via social media!First of all thanks for the feedback and coverage from the launch of the Sports Social Media Index (SSMI).  The last 2 days have been spent discussing SSMI with people across Australia, from Brisbane (yes Lions fans they plan to enter the social media fray) to Perth (thanks for article WA Today) and part in-between with the guys at 5aa in Adelaide discussing the SSMI index.  The interest back in the US was terrific as well.  Yes, I will be looking at other leagues in the future and expect another AFL SSMI assessment mid-season when in-game social media work can be included.

Why SSMI was developed…

After returning from Sports Geek Trip I collated my notes from the franchises I met with in the NBA, NFL, MLB & NHL.  After seeing the tools & techniques being applied behind the scenes I wanted a way to compare each franchise on the key success factors they had identified proved successful for them.

SSMI looks at 4 major things

  • Implementation – How each social platform is set up
  • Fan Engagement – Are the fans part of the conversation?
  • Content – What content is provided on each platform? Is there variety? Is it delivered when fans want it?
  • Innovation – Pushing the boundaries creatively & via different technologies.

Once teams are solid on the fundamentals of social media platforms the “cool stuff” can begin, that's where Sports Geek excels.  You can then activate your fan base to bring great results to your events, merchandise sales and sponsor initiatives.

Ask yourself these questions

Do you want to raise sponsorship revenue from social media efforts?
Can you increase sales have you made via social media?
Want more fans turning up to your events?
Need to grow your fan base?

If you answered yes to any of those questions please contact Sports Geek or call 0407047200.
If you didn't congratulations, you're a social media rock star!

Stay tuned for a big announcement from Sports Geek soon…