PumaIndexPuma Index is an iPhone application built to promote Puma Body Wear.  The web site version is available here.  As Sports Geek I need to add the disclaimer that I am a huge fan of Puma sneakers I stopped counting pairs at 20.  However, I don't think you could be as disappointed as I was.  Puma Index is one of the “quirky” apps trying to get downloads with a concept twist, in this case combining the Dow Jones Index with a strip tease.  As the Dow falls the model (male or female although the buttons on the app are confusing, “Do you click Male because you are Male or because you want to watch the Male?”), when the Dow rises the model puts back on a Puma Body Wear tracksuit.  Before you ask, even with the GFC the models remain clothed through out the “performance”.  Unfortunately when developing this application they failed to cater for the international market as when I reviewed the application the Dow was closed and all I got was a model tossing and turning in bed.  Although I don't think even that modification could save this application.

PumaIndexSnapShotSports Geek iPhone App Throwdown

Value: Low – even if it is free
Sports Geek Factor: Puma performs poorly one for a useless app and aligning themselves with effectively a peeping-tom application.
Usability: Not as simple as you'd think with only one action available.
Who Is It For: Bored voyeurs with some interest in the stock market?
What I Like: Not much if you haven't gathered that.
What I Don't: The whole concept but the Male-Female buttons did confuse a few people I showed the app to.
No or Go: Definite NO

Available at iTunes