Nike Master ControlNike Master Control is an iPhone extension of the Nike/Barcelona web training site to leverage the Nike & Barcelona partnership.  It is a great little app for aspiring footballer who want to learn some skills and drills from some of the world's finest players.  The skill drill videos are well presented with full English subtitles.  The footballer/user is guided through a 4 week training program with the Barca coaches.  The application records when each drill is performed and records times taken for each drill, recorded and saved on

MasterControlSports Geek iPhone App Throwdown

Value: High – It is free
Sports Geek Factor: Nike gets great branding in this application but also provides terrific value to the football fan with access to the Barca coaches.  It integrates with well providing great value for the training footballer.
Usability: Easy – Simple clean screens and navigation.
Who Is It For: Footballers looking to improve their game or just football, Nike or Barca fans in general.
What I Like: The training video clips & the fact the stopwatch won't let you record Usain Bolt-like numbers.
What I Don't: It's a minor one but it takes a little long to load, for a few seconds you think it's crashed and your iPhone is shutting down.  Most iPhone users get the shakes when they see this, I know I do 🙂
No or Go: Definite GO

Available at iTunes