Basketball in Regional Victoria Conference 2018 Keynote
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Basketball in Regional Victoria Conference 2018

In this keynote presentation, Sean Callanan will help you:

  • Current trends in social media
  • Understanding your digital fans
  • Community Vs Content
  • Where digital delivers in sport
  • Getting started with data
  • Campaigns to put the cheeks on the seats
  • Sign up for Sports Where I Am offer

BONUS Downloads

As an attendee you will be able to download our two guides to help you get started building Facebook campaigns (total value $7.99) and you will get Sports Geek News each week to stay on top of sports marketing and digital trends.

About Sean Callanan Sean Callanan understands the technological evolution of the digital landscape as founder of Sports Geek. He has worked with international brands, is a highly sought after public speaker and the go to resource for under-optimised digital teams. Sean has been a pioneer in the sports digital industry and hosts the Sports Geek podcast with guests and listeners around the sports business world. You can hear him on his weekly podcast, Sports Geek, the top ranking sports digital podcast on iTunes and Google Play and follow him on Twitter @seancallanan and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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