Al Michaels, All Blacks, Concussions, @MCG & #NBALockout

Best of Digital Sports World #12

So nearly two months to the day, #BODSW is back in action! After a very busy time here at @SportsGeekHQ, the weekly #BODSW is firing back up, so let’s dive straight into what’s been happening in the digital sports world.

Head of the Nielsen Sports Group, Stephen Master, recently hosted a panel discussing, “How mobile is changing sports media & marketing”. The panel featured man high-end sporting professionals and is well worth a look.

With the digital world growing rapidly in terms of news and current affairs websites and writers, News Limited are becoming trendsetters by planning a digital subscription news website. Ross Dawson (@rossdawson) has all the details in his blog.

Excellent interview of legendary NFL commentator Al Michaels with ESPNs (@espn) Bill Simmons. (Side note: If you’re a fan of sports writing with twists and unrivalled flair, follow Simmons on Twitter, @sportsguy33, and check out Grantland. You won’t be disappointed).

Let’s come a little bit closer to home now, with new Collingwood (@Collingwood_FC) coach Nathan Buckley giving an exclusive interview to Collingwood’s in-house media channel, CTV. The video, which can be watched here, has had nearly 4,000 views on YouTube it shows how clubs can now manage the media message as both The Age and the Herald Sun quoted from the interview.

Now we head back to the US with our #bodsw, with Technology Review’s (@techreview) story about the Stanford School of Medicine using specially-designed mouth guards to conduct a study on the effects of head injuries in football players. Get all the details of the study right here.

With the ongoing #nbalockout still causing grief to players and fans alike, PR Week US (@PRweekUS) has published a story, telling of the National Basketball Players’ Association educating it’s members on how to be smart with social media and not lose the PR war.

A warm Sports Geek welcome to Twitter for the @MCG

Now we now the Melbourne Cricket Ground is not new to Twitter but they now have a Twitter handle that befits their standing in Melbourne’s sporting scene.

Sports Geek was engaged to obtain the shorter @MCG and transition from @MCG_News.   Navigating the Twitter support ecosystem can be tricky but we’ve done it before obtaining @WestCoastEagles and managing the move from @WCEOfficial.

No need to change your Twitter lists or follow the new accounts if you were following @MCG_News you are following @MCG, but now it is easier to mention them in your tweets.

If you would like to secure your rightful place in the twittersphere please contact us we are more than happy to consult and take you through the process.

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Best on Ground

This week’s BOG goes to the All Blacks.

Not only have they dominated on the field, getting to the final of the Rugby World Cup, but they’re leading the way digitally off-field, also. Check out how the All Blacks are taking advantage of digital media and making a splash on Facebook.

The anticipation awaits….

Video of the Week

If you haven’t checked out CNBC Sports Biz (@SBGameon) you should with host Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) and Erin Sharoni (@erinsharoni) they will keep you up to date in the sports business world.  Take a look at their video on Apple founder Steve Jobs’ impact on sports.

Thanks to @Dion_Anthony for assistance in compiling #BODSW

Baseball, #SportsGeekTrip one year on, Sports Tweets &

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Live baseball on @SportzfanRadio

After enjoying a few ABL games this year I decided to take @SportzfanRadio from a sports panel radio show to a live game broadcast.  We’ve been producing @SportzfanRadio for over 3 years now on Southern FM that’s over 300 hours of live radio including several outside broadcasts.  Looking forward to calling the Melbourne Aces Vs Perth Heat this Saturday night from 7pm on 88.3FM and streaming from  @SportzfanRadio returns from the summer break on Sunday from 12pm covering all sports.  You can help out the commentary team have some fun by joining in the fun on Twitter adding your #madeupbaseballfact.

#SportsGeekTrip one year on…

This time last year Sports Geek was in Los Angeles on route to Dallas & New York.  Many great findings from that trip have been applied in the past 12 months,  in the past 12 months Sports Geek has

  • spoke at @SportConference with speakers from Real Madrid, NBA & MLS.
  • developed Sports Social Media Index to grade the social media efforts of sports franchises
  • secured clients in Australia, New Zealand & India
  • connected with over 250,000 Facebook fans via Sports Geek clients (2011 goal 1 million fans!)
  • opened office above the house of @haul


The past week has seen Australian TVs filled with images of the Queensland Floods.  If you have not see any footage just watch this video, after doing that please donate to the Flood Relief Appeal.  Sport has been affected by the floods with Suncorp stadium under 2 metres of water, but it is great to see all sports rallying their support behind Queensland sending donations and organising fundraiser games to support the cause.

Tweeps beware…

We know the media is loving the news stories available as athletes sign up at Twitter.  Each week we see stories where athletes are making the same mistakes on Twitter but what about when sports media gets it wrong?  Have a look at what happened when the Herald Sun reported a Twitter war at Collingwood.

Can’t find that link? can

Local entrepreneur Tim Bull (@TimBull) )has launched a great service that creates your own personal link archive for all the links you save & share on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Delicious).

Can’t find that article you tweeted about great sports blogs to read? will remember and find it for you.  (It’s here by the way)

Check out and follow sportsgeek for all the links we share via Twitter.

Links we liked…

You don’t choose what goes viral |
Some thoughts from a PR perspective on the Nick Riewoldt AFL scandal |
From @peterstringer: Ten Predictions for Social Media and Digital Marketing in 2011
Social Media, the Denver Broncos and You – Mile High Report
MARTIN SAMUEL: Will the witless twits never learn?
The Year of Social Media 2010 [infographic] | Mindjumpers

Fave Tumblr Post

Quoting Tweets: A guide for sports media

Traditional print media (even in it’s digital forms) has struggled in how to report what is going on in the Twittersphere.

Most media outlets like the convenience of quote athletes & celebrities tweets without informing the general public the Twitter handle (or @username if you’re new to Twitter) of the person quoted.

Unfortunately, the Herald Sun correctly identified Collingwood players on Twitter in a recent article but got a poor reaction from the players & fans.

Why?  I’ll show you what happened on Twitter…

On Twitter – Pies having fun

Here is what happened on Twitter (Thanks to @CollingwoodFC List for official Collingwood accounts)

Start at the bottom of the image below to follow the conversation as it happened on Twitter.

Herald Sun report – Twitter War

Here is what @SuperFooty reported via a tweet under the headline – Collingwood players in Twitter war of words

Collingwood players @SP_10, @harry_o, @Maxy_5 in war of words on Twitter. See all the tweets here Dec 14 00:18:53 via Brizzly

Players reaction

Focused on being boring and no fun with @SP_10 on twitter from now on in case certain media outlets try & turn what we say into stories!Tue Dec 14 06:48:41 via Twitter for iPhone

hey @superfooty i would like you to say that your headline sucked…can you please do that..Love Heritier O’BrienTue Dec 14 09:10:06 via web

@superfooty @sp_10 @harry_o I thought Aussies were supposed to have a sense of humor? Obviously missing one in at @superfooty .Hilarious!Tue Dec 14 01:34:56 via Twitter for iPhone

Fan reaction

Firstly look at the traffic & responses @Superfooty got from the tweet.

A quick check using Twitter Search can find out a few (NSFW) tweets with fans response to the article.

The @SuperFooty team did respond to Nick Maxwell but not their tweeps.

@maxy_5 We know it’s all harmless fun, but we love it. Keep it up. And we’re not taking sides @harry_oTue Dec 14 02:05:47 via Brizzly

Sports Geek’s Twitter Rules for Sports Media

  1. Not every tweet is a story but pointing out to your readers the where you find the best tweets is a good start.
  2. Get the quotes right and quote Twitter handles correctly. Remember, athletes can now set record straight via Twitter.
  3. Give them some context.  Time lines are very important, move tweets out of sync and they have different meaning.
  4. Be prepared to engage your fan base, especially if you get it wrong.
  5. Follow @warne888 he will provide you with more than enough material ;)

What do you think? How should news outlets report tweets?