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Sean understands the sports digital landscape, that’s why he started Sports Geek. Working with clients across the sports digital world he helps teams & leagues drive more revenue from digital and is focussed getting "cheeks on the seats" in stadiums. You can hear him on Sports Geek Podcast or presenting keynotes at sports conferences around the world. Send him a tweet @seancallanan or message him in #SportsBiz Slack community.

New brands and buildings with Timberwolves’ Ted Johnson

On this week's episode Sean catches up with Ted Johnson, Chief Strategy Officer from the Minnesota Timberwolves for a second time to discuss the clubs new brand and buildings to help the Timberwolves business grow.  On this podcast you'll learn about: How Ted and Sean's chat back in episode 65 has come to fruition with [...]

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New York sports digital scene with Jayne Bussman-Wise

On this week's episode Sean catches up Jayne Bussman-Wise, Senior Director, Content and Communications for the New York Red Bulls. Sean chats to Jayne about her new role with the Bulls as well as her career at NYCFC, Brookyln Nets and New York Rangers. On this podcast you'll learn about: What Jayne learned helping launch two [...]

Digital in Tigerland with Brad Paton

On this week's episode Sean catches up Brad Paton, Head of Digital for the Richmond Football Club. Sean chats to Brad about his role in the early days of AFL internet with Essendon through to his current role at Richmond and how the Tigers engage their passionate fans, the Tiger Army. On this podcast you'll learn about: The changes in [...]

Emerging technology in sports with Cavaliers’ Damion Chatmon

On this week's episode Sean catches up Damion Chatmon, Director of Emerging and Digital Technology Solutions - Cleveland Cavaliers. Sean chats with Damion about his role and how the Cavs are constantly looking at emerging technology and why fans always come first. On this podcast you'll learn about: Damion's background in data/ticket sales and his roles [...]

How 25 NFL Teams launched their schedules with video

NFL teams got creative announcing new season schedules with a mix of animation, photos and inventive ways to excite the fans for the upcoming NFL season. Which one was your fave? New England Patriots Green Bay Packers New Orleans Saints Chicago Bears New York Giants [...]

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Digital in LA with Clippers’ Jennifer van Dijk

On this week's episode Sean catches up Jennifer Van Dijk, Chief Strategy Officer and Vice President, Partnerships - LA Clippers. Sean met Jenn on his recent Sports Geek Trip and was happy to be able to sit down and record this podcast episode. On this podcast you'll learn about: Jenn's background working in the agency space for [...]

SXSW 2017 recap with Lenny Goh from Tradable Bits

On this week's episode Sean catches up with his roommate from SXSW Conference, Lenny Goh Director of Business Development from Tradable Bits. Sean and Lenny discuss their highlights and main takeaways from the conference. On this podcast you'll learn about: Bots are the new website and how sports teams will try and implement these into [...]

Behind the scenes of Detroit Tigers digital with Mac Slavin

On this week's episode Sean catches up with Mac Slavin, Digital and Social Media Specialist for Detroit Tigers to discuss his role behind the scenes in the changing digital landscape. On this podcast you'll learn about: The importance of the off season and still engaging the fan How the Tigers are developing their strategies for [...]

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Digital with Kevin Kinghorn of the Vancouver Canucks

On this week's episode Sean catches up with Kevin Kinghorn, Senior Director - Digital and Marketing for Vancouver Canucks to discuss their digital strategies on building relationships with their fans. On this podcast you'll learn about: How they are building the relationship with the fan and treating them as members of the Canucks family How [...]

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Bonus Episode: “The value of the big 3” Sean Callanan keynote

On this week's episode, we take a different approach and share with you a keynote from Sean's recent work at the Australian Council for the Arts Marketing Summit. Sean spoke at the conference for his CHUNKY media business, sharing insights from the sports industry and "The value of the big 3" in social media [...]

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