Digital Dragon, Facebook Places & Ben Cousins

Best of Digital Sports World #12

The St George Illawarra Dragons are seeking to appoint a Digital Communications Co-ordinator and are doing so via the Digital Dragon campaign. Keep an eye on YouTube for job applications and follow updates on Twitter via #DigitalDragon. Good luck if you’re applying, shows you need to be in the space to understand the space.

MLB financials info leaked via Deadspin, Darren Rovell looks at why it matters.

Want to own an NBA Team? Golden State Warriors are looking for investors from @Sports_Business

The latest Partnership Activation newsletter is out from @BrianGainor.

Essendon did well with the #efctweetup hashtag created 488,562 impressions, 36,066 unique views from 341 Tweets. Want to collect data on your hashtags? This data was reported using Tweet Reach.

With the @AFL finals approaching you can now get a Twibbon to support your team. They have to be the biggest Twibbons we have ever seen, no little logo in the corner for the AFL! ;)

Facebook Places – no longer What you’re doing but Where…

Facebook Places has been launched entering the world of geo-locational social networks. It should be noted that Facebook Places is not yet available in Australia.

Here is what people are saying about the launch:

Sports Mini-sites…

Sports mini sites around events & signings will become another tool available to sports marketers. Like We Want Wade previously profiled Bring Back Cardinal does the same for Timberwolves fan favourite Brian Cardinal.

Such is Life – Ben Cousins

Not here to judge or comment on the Ben Cousins documentary there is more than enough commentators on the subject.

However, Channel 7 missed the mark understanding social media with the program.

Problems with execution include:

  • After the first break Hamish McLaughlin told everyone to join the conversation with the Twitter account @SuchisLifeBen
  • @SuchisLifeBen account not setup at the time, someone obviously setup the account on the night and collected 360 followers
  • They did not monitor the hashtags actually being used by TV viewers #suchislife #bencousins
  • For part 2 they obviously were not monitoring Twitter that closely and didn’t see the viewer backlash for delaying the start of Part 2 with a panel show
  • Additionally they rectified their hashtag to #suchaslifeben to further fragment the conversation
  • Kudos to the @AFL for using the #suchaslife hashtag to respond to the documentary but I think it would have been braver to engage the AFL fan base during the show.

For those who missed it here is a clip from Fox Sports.


Facebook changes, Tumblr, Federer, Bosh & #efctweetup

Best of Digital Sports World #11

And #BODSW is back!  Thanks to people who asked where it was, especially after I quoted Jerry Seinfeld’s “Don’t break the chain” philosophy!

If you missed the Sydney (#scau)  and Auckland (#scnz)  SRG Conferences in July then you really did miss out!

Obviously the Australian & New Zealand sports markets have been inspired into action gauging on the interest & development in digital sports projects ramping up in the past month.

Congrats to Essendon who this week will host #efctweetup to get Twitter fans of the Bombers to unite.  I will be watching to see how the event goes this Sunday.

New York Times gives Tumblr a big pump up, will it be the next big social media platform?  Follow Sports Geek on Tumblr.

For #scau & #scnz attendees who miss Dan Harbison (@danstwitter) from the Portland TrailBlazers you can catch him being interviewed by @rowshow from NACMA.

Detroit Red Wings are the latest team to release their own iPhone app.  What is your take on club/franchise based apps?

Chris Bosh (@ChrisBosh) may be 3rd fiddle in the Wade-James trio but he is “Master of his own domain” (and everyone else’s it seems).

Good article by @jeffespo linking live sport with social media activity with

This article from @Mashable definitely rings true after great tweets at the conferences “How to: Get Tweetable Moments from your Presentations”.

Great use of Facebook Like button (AKA Social Graph) by the New Orlean Hornets – Honeybee Auditions.

Facebook changes Custom Tabs

Are you using Custom Tabs in your Facebook Fan Page?  Well Facebook are changing the width of Custom Tabs to 520 pixels on the 23 August, make sure you have resized your custom tabs.  Here is a quick run down from Facebook Developer’s blog.

@SportConference tweets mashup

Wonder what was discussed at @SportConference?  Thanks to TweetStats & Wordle you can.

Quick Facebook Tip

Do you hate it when you try to add a link to an article on from your site or a news website but get a terrible image with the link?

Solution: Upload the photo of your choice and add the link in the caption!  As seen here by Real Madrid.

Video Clip of the Week

Like we need more evidence that Roger Federer is a freak!

For those who didn’t pick up the change @_SportsGeek_ has lost the underscores and is now @SportsGeekHQ

Sports Geek to be profiled by

Thanks to tweeps for voting @seancallanan Melbourne’s Top Tweeter.

Thanks especially to my IRL tweeps, the key for me is getting out there and meeting tweeps IRL – In Real Life.


Sean has won a fabulous video promotion package courtesy of our sister company,, with the opportunity to work with our innovative and creative film crew for one day and produce an online video to further promote his company Sports Geek on his website and via social media platforms.

Looking forward to taping this on Thursday with the Newspepper crew, stay tuned for it will be uploaded to soon.

What question do you answered from “@SportsGeekHQ – the movie”?

Video recap of @SportConference

Sports Digital Marketing conferencesWith speakers from Real Madrid, NBA & Major League Soccer to name but a few the Sport Research Group Conferences in Sydney & Auckland were a massive success.

Don’t believe me?  Check out the video below to hear from delegates & some of the speakers involved.

Keep an eye on the SportConference channel on YouTube.

Follow @SportConference for updates from the conference and news for 2011.

Send out a Twitter testimonial what you loved about the @SportConference#scau or #scnz

Additionally if you want to connect with sports marketers then join these Linkedin Groups – Asia Pacific Sport Marketers or Sports Geek on LinkedIn.

Thanks to the speakers

  • David Kirk – Hoyts
  • Dan Harbison – Portland Trailblazers
  • Shane Harmon – Rugby World Cup 2011
  • Alistair Gray – British Swimming
  • Pedro Duarte Gonzales – Real Madrid
  • Kirsten Corio – NBA
  • Umberto Righetti – Sporting Pulse
  • Dennis Mills – Major Events International
  • Paul Barber – Vancouver Whitecaps – MLS
  • Eric Fernandez – Medialink
  • Ted Johnson – Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx
  • Richard Burnett – Essendon Football Club
  • Chris Yates – Tennis Australia
  • Jeff Collard – Omnivex
  • Paul Paoliello – Mnet
  • Christine Stoffel – SEAT
  • Horden Wiltshire – Mnet
  • David Friend – Shared Services Solutions
  • Nigel Cass – Rugby World Cup 2011
  • Clare Wolfensohn – Rugby World Cup 2011
  • Daryl Macguire & Bindi Perkins – Populus
  • last but not least Sean Callanan from @SportsGeekHQ

Well done Simon

Congrats to Simon Arkright from Sport Research Group for a successful 2010 conference.  Connect with him on LinkedIn.

See you all in 2011.

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Thriving in a digital world with @WolvesCMO

Ted Johnson is the Chief Marketing Officer at Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx, his presentation “Thriving in the digital world” was a big hit in Sydney & Auckland at the SRG Conferences.

Ted highlighted the Timberwolves’ world first web interactive broadcast with fan involvement via multiple platforms kicking off season-ticket sales launch.

Follow the Ted on Twitter (@WolvesCMO) and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Send out a Twitter testimonial what you loved about the @SportConference#scau or #scnz